The Product Launch Formula: Testimonials, Success Stories and Case Studies

In this article, you’ll meet students who achieved remarkable results using the Product Launch Formula. Through the videos below, you’ll discover how PLF empowered them to achieve their personal goals: whether it was financial success or making a positive global impact. Following that, we’ll delve into the inspiring success story of Susan Pierce Thompson, who went from $0 to $100,000 with Jeff Walker’s formula.

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Kayse Morris Becomes Entrepreneur While Helping Teachers Sell Lesson Plans Online

Kayse Morris achieved her $25,000 launch goal while being seven months pregnant. She was targeting teachers selling lesson plans online. Her first two launches generated over $300,000 in under four months. Watch her testimonial on the Product Launch Formula program on the right:

Jeff Noble Uses Product Launch Formula to Empower Worldwide Communities

Jeff Noble educates on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD), the primary cause of developmental disabilities. Despite lacking medical credentials, Jeff leverages PLF to transform his passion into a worldwide mission and travel globally to educate on managing this misunderstood health condition. Watch his success story in the video on the right:

PLF Course Redefine Music Tutor’s Success

Meet Zach Tolan, a private music tutor who literally went the extra mile by driving over 4,000 miles and working tirelessly with 250 appointments per month to earn $5,000. But when COVID hit, Zach adapted by harnessing the power of Product Launch Formula (PLF) to launch virtual group piano lessons. The result? His income skyrocketed, more than doubling, while working 10 hours a week from home. Hear directly from Zach about his PLF experience in the video on the right:

Anne LaFollete Transforms Hobby into a Thriving Business Using Launches

Anne LaFollette was preparing to retire from her corporate job when she unexpectedly got laid off. Instead of letting it discourage her, she decided to take action. Anne signed up for PLF and turned her hobby of pattern-making into a full-fledged business. Within one year of her first launch, Anne is about to cross the six-figure mark in her earnings. Learn about her success story in the video on the right:

Online Art Courses and High-Value Artworks Propel Mary Gilkerson to Success with PLF

Meet Mary Gilkerson, a talented painter and former college-level art teacher who showed her skills online. Initially earning $12,000, Mary’s world changed when she discovered the power of the Product Launch Formula (PLF). Her launch generated a remarkable $54,000, propelling her online art courses to full enrollment and boosting sales of her own artwork. With PLF, Mary even sells paintings for up to $12,000 each. Discover Mary’s inspiring journey in this video on the right:

Using PLF To Go From $0 to $100K: Interview with Susan Pierce Thompson

The creator of PLF, Jeff Walker, interviewed Susan Pierce Thompson on how to go from zero to $100k with Product Launch Formula.

Launching is one of the most significant ways to build a list of prospects and clients. Susan shared her experience, which illustrates this point in a very dramatic way. In this extensive interview, she will tell you about her business journey and the remarkable events of the past year:

Implementing The Product Launch Formula – Review Of The Situation

Jeff Walker and Susan Pierce Thompson
So I’m in the weight loss business, a tenured psychology professor, and I teach people how to lose weight. I have been doing that in my personal life just through one-on-one consultations and teaching a college course on the psychology of eating.

About a year ago, I had an epiphany in my morning meditation that I should be sharing this with other people. Many people are experiencing that their brain is blocking them from losing weight, and they don’t know why. As a neuroscientist and a psychologist, I can explain that to them.

I’m a formerly obese woman who lost all my weight 12 years ago. Weight loss was the biggest struggle of my life. So I think many people who build businesses like this have the experience of overcoming or learning something in their own life. So then they create a business to teach other people from their findings. That was my story, and I knew I was sitting on a bunch of information and a perspective that would be valuable to many people.

So what I did was I started by getting Jeff Walker’s book Launch. It coincided with the book’s release and I didn’t have the extra money to buy the Product Launch Formula then. So I just started with Launch book where Jeff Walker explained the value of a list, the importance of building a list, nurturing that list and so on. On August 5th of 2004, I launched my list, which my date at the beginning of my business.

How did you start with Jeff’s launch formula?

I just sent out an email to everyone I knew who already knew I was an expert in this field, saying: “Hey, I’m starting this list where I’m just going to share for fun and for free the psychology and neurosciences of sustainable weight loss. I built that list up from August 5th and till two or three months later. At first, it was like 200, then 300 people.

Jeff teaches in the Product Launch Formula and the Launch book that you need to give something in exchange to your subscribers so that you can collect their email. I had an excellent free report: “The three huge mistakes that almost everybody makes when they try to lose weight.”

So that first piece was just like signing it out to friends on Facebook and asking them to share it publicly. On the first day, I got 75 people; in the next 2, 3, 4 weeks, I got a couple of hundred people. Then it stalled out, so it took quite a while to get up to 300 people. From August to late October, I got up to 380 people. I was busy writing emails, and I was keeping in touch with my list, which is something Jeff Walker taught in his Product Launch Formula course.

The important thing was to build a relationship with my list, so sent out great content. However, word of mouth is slow when you have a few people, and then what happened was I did my first launch. I did it with the book Launch, not the Product Launch Formula course.

Recommendation of a FREE product launch technique

When I was watching the product launch class video, I remember Jeff mentioned that he has three bonus videos for the Product Launch Formula course and that this is the second-best marketing course in the world. So I took that second video on how to do a seed launch and created a seed launch out of that, plus what was in the book.

That’s the little tiny red spike down here. It looks tiny on this graph, but it was pretty big because I went from 380 to 680 people. So I almost doubled my list of one webinar and just a seed launch. I just told people that I will take them through a six-week teleconference course after I present some rock-solid knowledge to them.

Susan pointing on red spike

How much did that seed launch end up making?

This launch made me eleven thousand dollars. That money meant a lot to my family, as I have three little kids. My husband and I are from California, and my kids had never visited our family because we couldn’t get all five of us on an airplane. So when I did that seed launch, in October, we took all our kids out to visit our family after Thanksgiving. I was still delivering the course, and it went great. After the launch, I read the Product Launch Formula review on Jerry’s website and bought the course.

Look at this growth here on my list. I was starting from almost nothing, from 680 people in four and a half months to 833 people. That’s what it took to get all that, and then in February, with Product Launch Formula, I did my first real launch. In two weeks of doing that product launch, my list went from 833 people to 6,400 people, and that launch made $165,000 by creating great content.

My course – The Break-line Eating boot camp, is the best weight loss course in the world, and I have data to back that up. However, my three free videos on the psychology and neuroscience of sustainable weight loss, which I use for the pre-launch content is the second-best weight loss course in the world.

These videos got much viral traffic because I explained what nobody knows about – how the brain blocks weight loss. So that was all people sharing my videos on Facebook and people sending out emails to other people about my content.

How much in sales did that product launch do?

Techniques from PLF brought me hundred and sixty-five thousand dollars. Meanwhile, I’m a college professor, and I’m teaching college courses. I had three little kids when I built this business. Sleep was rough; I mean mostly because the business was so exciting. 

It’s heady stuff; when you do it’s right on the edge of your comfort zone, and I frequently had the experience of coming to consciousness at 5:00 a.m. with business ideas rolling through my head. Before that, I used to sleep a lot.

So then I delivered that course but look again, as no list growth, even though people I had (6400 people), knew about me, my stuff, and my free report on the “three huge mistakes that everybody’s making when they try to lose weight”. That was all still out there, but from February to June, my list grew from 6400 to 6,800 – like almost no list growth, even though the same content was still out there. So it stayed like this until I did my next launch, in June and my list went from 6800 to 11,000 in two weeks. I used the same videos again in this launch.

How did product launch impact the people going through the course?

As a formerly obese woman, I still lie on the floor and write letters to God, like there’s got to be a way I could run a marathon. I got a PhD in brain and cognitive sciences, and I can’t take off this weight, and it’s crazy.

I relate to the people who can’t lose weight, and they’re getting my tagline “is happy, thin and free”. It changes everything. It’s not just about losing a few pounds. It’s about gaining freedom from food obsession, confidence in your skin, living your good life, not having all those extra pounds, and not being able to tie your shoes.

It’s just uncomfortable getting into a car, buckling a seatbelt, and suddenly being able to throw your shoulders back. My product launch changes people’s lives from the inside out. There’s a hollowing out of one’s integrity that happened for me when I woke up every day, promising myself that it would be different and that I would eat differently. I was sitting in front of the TV, eating junk food once again and then promising myself again the next day I would get to a place, which is what I teach people in my course – how to change their brains.

They can finally live in unity with what they want to be, eating in according to their values based on what they already know about sound nutritional principles.

I’m watching people get their self-esteem back, their self-efficacy back, their self-confidence back. When you survey someone about what being overweight affects, people report that they’re waiting to live their life until they lose their weight. They’re not contributing their gifts to the world because they’re waiting till they lose their weight and the average dieter tries four or five new attempts every year and never succeeds.

Fewer than 1% of people take off all their excess weight and keep it off. I’m teaching people how to do that, and my stats are outrageous. People lose their weight on my program three and a half times faster than with similar programs. What I think is important that we are building a tribe within the program we launched. Our community is just gorgeous. We’re just banding together; we’re making this break-line eating movement.

There’s nothing like having that impact, and Jeff Walker is impacting me because he’s teaching me how to do marketing.

How will you use the product launch formula in the future?

These metrics are pretty predictable, like a particular percentage of people opt-in and a precise portion of the people buy the course. So what we have planned in a couple of months is a launch. If all the metrics hold, the promotion is will bring my list to about 50,000 people, and the launch will earn about a million dollars. I will deliver the course to five times as many people as I have in the past, so I’m hardening my infrastructure and ramping up for that.

Then I’ll write a book, and that’s where I will leave my job. I can’t afford to be a professor anymore. I’ve asked the board of trustees for an unpaid leave of absence because I can’t teach my classes, mother my kids and lead my business, simultaneously. I love being a professor, I’ve been a professor for 12 years, I have tenure, have been promoted, but this is so much more rewarding because I have an impact on a much higher level.

You can watch Susan’s case study in the video below:


In conclusion, the success stories showcased in this article underscore the transformative power of the Product Launch Formula (PLF) course. These stories are tangible evidence of the significant impact PLF can have on your business journey. With a proven track record of empowering numerous entrepreneurs, this course offers a clear and guided path to success. To explore further, visit for a comprehensive review of the course.


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