Launch by Jeff Walker – An Internet Millionaire’s Secret Formula

The innovative creator of the “Product Launch Formula” Jeff Walker, recently released his own book for entrepreneurs and individuals hoping to make their fortune online. The book “Launch: An Internet Millionaire’s Secret Formula” covers all the tips and guidance you need to sell practically anything on the web, all while building a business you can be truly passionate about.

You’ll notice that I’ve cut the title down a little there, as the real one is pretty lengthy, but don’t worry, Jeff doesn’t drag anything out in the book itself. In fact, what you get is a highly straightforward and immersive approach to online selling tips.

This read was a particularly good one for me, as I’m the kind of person who likes to know the secret behind how the magic trick works. I’ve been watching Jeff’s success for a couple of years now and following some of his product launches too – so I know just how successful he’s become. I was thrilled to discover that Walker had finally decided to share his secrets with the world through the Secret Formula book.

Jeff Walker
Jeff Walker – author of book Launch

What You Can Expect from Jeff Walker’s Book

I started reading “Launch,” at a time when I was about to work on the next stage of my business, so I found it incredibly helpful from a personal perspective. Interestingly, I’m the kind of person who’s usually pretty skeptical when it comes to this kind of book – as I don’t generally believe that success can be taught in text form.

Book Launch by Jeff Walker
The cover of book Launch

There are many books out there that simply try to sell you something – like another guide or a channel subscription. However, Jeff’s book isn’t one of those cons – it’s a book that truly delivers and gives you the insights you need to start building on your business. After I finished reading it from cover to cover (a few times actually), I’ve decided that it’s actually one of my favourite books in the business space from the last few years.

Not only is the book incredibly gripping, but it’s also packed full of actionable information that you can use to build your own business and discover success. Not only can you learn how Jeff has managed to become so successful, but you can also discover how to apply his lessons to your own personal and work life, so you can start to get more out of your time on the internet.

The Lead Up to the Launch

One thing that really set this book apart from other publications in the same industry was the lead up to the launch. I happened to be on the waiting list for Jeff’s book, so I had exclusive access to a bunch of great content, including some informational and entertaining pre-launch videos which can be seen in the Launch masterclass or product launch workshop.

The pre-launch material actually gave me an insight into what I could expect to see when I received my book, and it did its job amazingly well – getting me excited for the release. I also learned a thing or two while I was waiting, as the videos included information about things like the No Fail Launch strategy, the Product Launch blueprint, and the Seed Launch.

Of course, the videos were just a primer for what I could expect when the book finally arrived. When it did, I found I had so much left to learn.

What You Get in the Book

There are plenty of business growth books out there that are pretty much all work and no play -you know the ones I’m talking about. This wasn’t one of those pieces. Jeff maintains his warm personality and dynamic style in his writing, which makes the whole experience far more engaging. You can walk through the book with ease – even if you’re not an avid reader and learn along the way with great stories and inspirations.

Throughout the course of the book, Jeff covers the main details of his Product Launch Formula and provides plenty of detail for you to use as you start building your own business. One of the most interesting parts of the book for me was the fact that it covered Jeff’s rise to success, and how he felt just as desperate as the rest of us to find a solution that really worked.

During chapter 2, you get an insight into John Gallagher’s story, who took his passions for edible herbs and the great outdoors and used it to build a business that took his family from living on food-stamps to a six-figure income. It’s testimonials like these that really keep the excitement going throughout the book. In Chapter 3, Jeff covers the importance of building your client list, and why you need to know who you’re selling to before you start working on your Product Launch formula.

Chapter four covers some great information on how to write a sideways sales letter – something that Jeff covered previously in his teaser videos building up to the launch. There’s also plenty of useful information about mental triggers in chapter 5, and how entrepreneurs can use mental triggers in their customers for good, to boost the power of the launch without manipulating clients. I really enjoyed this part of the book because it helps to outline how important it is for today’s companies to build trust and credibility.

During chapter 6, we start digging a little deeper into the most exciting parts of the content, where you can discover the steps you’ll need to follow to launch a successful business. Here, you’ll learn about building your tribe and testing your ideas. In chapter 7, you discover Will Hamilton, who built his tennis instruction site. Ultimately, the site itself doesn’t seem very exciting at first, but when you discover how Will used his passions to bring his business to life, it really helps to bring more focus to the book. Will’s story in chapter 7 is quickly followed up by Susan’s in chapter 8, which leads to a discussion of the actual launch, and how you can handle the nerves associated with bringing your business to life.

In Chapter 9, Jeff covers the “Seed Launch.” This is a part of the book that you’re sure to find particularly interesting. We all need to start somewhere, and it’s a great intro into how you can get your business off the ground. In chapter 10, you’ll learn how to build alliances and boost your network, as well as discovering new ways to earn sales with joint venture partners. If you’ve considered the simplicity of an affiliate program before, you’ll need to pay attention in chapter 10.

Chapter 11 was another great one for me, as it’s where everything starts to come together. It’s where you learn how to go from launching your product, to building a great business. Chapter 11 is an inspirational guide to the Business Launch Formula, which is great for helping you build the vision of what you want your business to become. Then, in Chapter 12, you can start thinking about how you can transform something you love into something that truly pays the bills for you and your family.

Jeff takes a slightly more philosophical route with his book in chapter 13, where he encourages readers to begin working on their visions, dreams, and goals. This is an important part of the success process, as it’s crucial to figure out where you want to go before you begin your journey. There’s a lot of great information here for people who are still nervous about taking that next step into their new life. Finally, chapter 14 wraps everything up into a neat package, making you feel as though you have the confidence and knowledge to really start planning your launch.

During chapter 14, Jeff includes a great discussion of the differences between taking a tactical approach and a strategic approach to the Product Launch Formula. As Jeff notes during the book itself, while strategy is forever, tactics can change over time.

The Launch Book Resources – videos, tools and PDFs

There’s a lot more to Jeff’s “Launch” book than just what you see on the pages too. In fact, the book comes with a whole companion site for anyone who wants to learn more or dig deeper into their product launch strategy. On the website, you can check out some of the pre-launch videos I mentioned earlier, along with a host of fantastic resources designed to explain some of the concepts that Jeff speaks about in his book in greater detail. The website also includes case studies, links to tools, PDFs and other resources that might help you as you build your online business.

One of the things that makes the book, and the lessons it teaches so valuable, is the fact that you can see evidence of the system working as you move along. Not only has Jeff seen phenomenal success from his business strategies, but the people who have learned from him have built an incredible future for themselves using the same tactics.

A Few Key Components

I think that this book is something that’s bound to offer a slightly different experience to everyone who reads it. You’ll take the inspiration you need out of the content and use the actionable advice to your advantage. For me, there were are number of key components that helped to make the piece more compelling, including the case studies on the website too.

From the first page, it’s easy to see the passion and commitment that Jeff has put into creating this book. It’s not just Jeff’s passion that shines through either – it’s also easy to see the emotional side of the stories from people like Will and Ruth who shared their tales with Jeff to help him create his Launch piece.

At the same time, you’re not just getting a bunch of emotional narratives packed into a book – you’re also getting an incredible level of expertise that you simply can’t find anywhere else. Jeff teaches us that we need to embrace our own passion and our own expertise to create a business that truly works. In the long-term, you need to know exactly what you’re getting into, so you can build a tribe that keeps your business running smoothly for years to come.

The Product Launch Formula is a product of Jeff’s own determination, drive, and passion to create a life for himself and his family that he could be proud of. The results of Jeff’s commitment are incredibly impressive, and something that is bound to appeal to anyone who wants more from their day-to-day life. I’d recommend picking a copy of this book up as soon as possible if you haven’t read it already. It’s not only a great guide to business, it’s also a highly inspirational piece that’s sure to set you on the right track if you’re feeling a little disheartened.

Have you read Jeff Walker’s Launch yet? What did you take away from this book?

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