If you want to launch a new product this year, a group coaching program, an online training program or maybe even a new business, I’d like to introduce you to THE launch expert -> Jeff Walker.

Jeff just CLOSED the doors for his Product Launch Formula program (which happens once a year), but I might still get you in if you act fast (send me an email on jerry (at) productlaunchclass.com and I will send you instructions). Click on the video below to access FREE training and read my PLF review to get all the info (UPDATED: November 13th 2021).

Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula Review, Bonus And Things You Need To Know

Product Launch Formula review & bonus

PLF is responsible for hundreds of millions dollars in sales, across so many niches and in so many businesses … and it has redefined the way I, and many of my clients, do business.

As Jeff opens the doors to this program, he’s also recorded another video that walks you through the ‘next steps’ to moving forward on your ‘launch journey’ – the stuff you need to know before you even think about launching.

Click on the image above to watch Jeff’s ‘Next Steps’ video and to explore his Product Launch Formula Program.

P.S. I have to mention that I’ve put together an incredible PLF bonus package (worth over $12K) to not only further endorse this program but to inspire you to take action. You will find out more about it later, just down below my Product Launch Formula review.

Now, let’s dive into my Product Launch Formula review…

Product Name:Product Launch Formula
Author:Jeff Walker
Price:$1,997 OR 6 x $397
Release Date:November 8th 2021
Refund Period:14 days
Segment:Business, Marketing
Support:Really Responsive

What is Product Launch Formula aka PLF?

The Product Launch Formula program is all about how to start from scratch and build a life-changing business, that gives you the lifestyle, the income and the impact that you want. And if you’ve already got a business then this is the formula to grow that business fast.

This product launch phenomenon has completely changed the online business world, and it’s no wonder. If you look at the way Apple releases their products or how Hollywood opens their movies or the way the video game industry launches their new games, they use a structured sequence product launch, which gets people lining up to buy their product before it’s even released. And that’s because of these launches; they get you a big-time momentum and sales right from the start.

In his PLF Jeff is going to show you, his three big guns when it comes to launching. Those three launches are the internal launch, the seed launch, and the joint venture launch. These are the go-to launches that you’re going to use over and over, and they’re going to become the framework for your marketing.

Who is Jeff Walker?

Jeff Walker is the guy who has been teaching this product launch workshops every year since 2005. Of course, it’s changed a lot since the start, but in that time he’s had almost 1 million people go through his training. And they’ve launched all kinds of products, services, courses, books, even entire businesses in nearly every market, niche, in every corner of the world that you can think of.

If you’re not familiar with Jeff or his work, he created the Product Launch Formula, and I can pretty much guarantee, that if you don’t know him, you’ve at least seen some of his clients using the formula, even if you didn’t know it at that time.

Jeff Walker - author of Product Launch Formula
Jeff Walker
Book Launch by Jeff Walker
Book Launch by Jeff Walker

Because of his success and mostly because of successes of his students, Forbes wrote a huge article with the title: “Why Jeff Walker Is The $400 Million Man — And 7 Lessons You Can Learn From Him.” (They should update the title since the numbers are growing rapidly.)

Beside PLF, Jeff is known by his bestseller book Launch, which has an average rating of 4.5 and more than a thousand positive reviews on Amazon. This gives you the social proof that he is the go-to guy when it comes to launching an online business.

Note: In July 2021, Jeff released and updated and expanded edition of his book Launch.

How did Jeff Walker find out the formula to launch a product online?

How did Jeff Walker find out the formula to launch a product online?

That business Jeff discovered almost by accident. A new way to market and sell online. Over the years, that new way of selling would eventually come to his program – Product Launch Formula.

Jeff’s business was all about the stock market. He had a partner in that business, and they published a newsletter every working day of the year. They told people what they thought was going to happen in the stock market, and for some time, they were good. They had subscribers that stuck with them year after year.

Then one spring day, Jeff received a call from his business partner, and it only lasted a few minutes. His partner decided to go in a different direction, and as Jeff said, partner had secretly started a competing business and took all of their hard-won clients.

At that moment, Jeff knew, it was time to move on. He could replicate the process to launch any new business as they did with his former partner in the stock market. However, he knew he had a bigger future in front of him, and this all leads to the creation of the Product Launch Formula – coaching program. He will tell you his complete story in the first video of the product launch workshop.

Review of Product Launch Formula Workshop

The product launch workshop consists of 4 training videos with actionable PDFs. In this workshop, Jeff will be teaching you the core of the product launch formula or PLF for short.

The formula is this proven time-tested playbook that’s been used by thousands of people to start and grow an online business quickly.

the launch masterclass

Each of the videos in this training series presents an important part of the big picture of product launches. Find out what Jeff teach in each of them by clicking on the titles below.

Video #1: Core Elements

Core Elements of a successful launch

The first video in the product launch formula series covers why right now, is the best time to start an online business. Jeff Walker shows the core strategy behind the most successful online business and product launches.

Training video review - Core Elements

If I do a short review of this PLF training video, I have to tell you he is talking about two core pieces of launching which work side by side. And these are the sideways sales letter and the mental triggers.

He came to the idea when he was looking at those old-style sales letters, facing with the fact most people are just scrolling down to the bottom of the sales page before they even dive in the sales story. Since online marketing changed, he found out the solution of how to use the classic direct marketing approach in a new way, so it’s much more efficient.

Later in the video, he presents you the first pack of mental triggers, which he covers in much more detail inside the PLF. He talks about community, anticipation, story, reciprocity, social proof, and scarcity. Then he gives us a clear example so you understand how they work and how you should use it when you are launching a business.

If you haven’t seen that video yet, watch it right now. It’s well worth it.

Click here to watch PLF video #1: Core​​ elements of a successful launch!

(P.S: And keep an eye on how is Jeff using this mental triggers in the pre-launch for PLF).

Video #2: Your Seed Launch (And Beyond)

Seed Launch – second training video

Whether you’ve got an online business, product, a service, an online course or a book, this is the place to get your launch plan.

In this second workshop video, Jeff is going to show you the three specific launch campaigns, which have helped his business generate millions of dollars in sales and more importantly, it’s helping his students to make over 500 million dollars in sales.

Review of seed launch training

So those three launch campaigns are:

  • the seed launch,
  • the internal launch,
  • the joint venture launch (which is otherwise known as a JV launch).

In this training video, he’s going to help you find the one, that’s the right fit for you right now. He’s also going to show you how to stack your launches, so they get bigger and stronger, as you go from launch to launch.

Once you learn how to do these launches, you’re going to want to keep on doing them. Besides this training video, you will have the opportunity to download the PDF action guide, so you can follow along and take notes. This will help you absorb much more information and will inspire you to take action.

Click here to watch PLF video #2​​: Seed launch!

Video #3: The Product Launch Blueprint

The Product Launch Blueprint – putting it all together

This training video is all about the next steps. Jeff Walker is going to walk you through the launch planning with his Product Launch Blueprint, which he put into a 22-page PDF, so it’s a lot more readable.

Jeff explains the product launch blueprint

The blueprint can look pretty intense because it’s so detailed. But you don’t need to know all about it. Jeff just wanted to put it all in there, so you can find all the parts that apply specifically to you.

Think of it as a “behind the scenes” look at Jeff’s multi-million-dollar strategies and tactics.

The blueprint starts with a big picture, and this is the high-level strategy for your product or business launch. Then Jeff has got to the tactics, and that’s where he gets detailed on exactly why Product Launch Formula is so powerful and how to put it in place.

launch blueprint structure

In the product launch blueprint, you will see, there are the eight types of launches including the three primary launches, covered in video two. In the video, Jeff answers a lot of questions that came in for the comments on the first two videos, and then he continues with your launch path, which is all about you moving forward.

At the end of the blueprint, there is even a Resources section which you will find super valuable.

This last piece of pre-launch content sums up the whole idea and gives you a big and clear picture.

Grab the blueprint, print it out and watch the video while you still can!

Click here to watch PLF video #3: The product launch blueprint!

How does PLF works? – The idea behind launch stacking

The launch stacking is the way, this whole Product Launch Formula works.

How to use PLF

You start from scratch and do a seed launch. It’s not about doing a million dollars or anything like that, but you use a seed launch to create your product. And since you’re putting out good content, you start to build a list. Then you take the product that you set up in the seed launch and that small list you made so far.

Next thing, you do an internal launch and put together your sideways sales letter. Because you’ve delivered some real value to get your people excited, you get some great word of mouth. All of a sudden, your list is growing. You open your cart, and you get some nice sales. Because of your internal launch and the value you’ve built in your pre-launch content, you caught the attention of a possible JV partner or two in your market.

It leads you to do a JV launch with just a couple of partners. All of a sudden you’ve got some established people in your market telling their lists about you and just how excellent your content is. Now your list is growing by the hour. Your open cart and your sales are ten times what you did in your internal launch. You’ve got to pay affiliate commissions, but your results completely blow away, what your internal launch did.

That’s just a quick view of launch stacking, and it doesn’t end there because now, you’ve got new ideas for products to create and launch. Once you do this, your first launch is never going to be your last launch. The perfect approach is to replicate the whole process over and over again.

Three types of product launches and when to use it?

Seed launch

Starting from scratch with seed launch

The seed launch is excellent if you’re just starting out. If you don’t have a list or a product, this is a place to start. It’s also great if you have an existing business and you’ve got an idea for a new product, but you can’t seem to get around to creating the product. This strategy makes creating your product super easy and fast.

Starting from scratch

Build Up Your First Email List

So to get started with the seed launch, the first thing you need to do is gather a small list of email subscribers – like 100 people be great. Now, these days, it’s easy to do that in social media. If you start publishing about your topic on social, then you can attract followers pretty quickly.

You watch for the hot topics, what keeps people awake at night. Then you put there some content about that particular topic, whether it’s a pain point or a question or an aspiration. The content could be a video, or it could be a PDF report. It doesn’t have to be big or long or complicated. You can keep it simple.

Then you put a simple web page, where your people can join your list, in exchange for that content. We call that a lead page or an opt-in page. Years ago, it was painful to create one of these pages. But now with tools like Leadpages or Clickfunnels, you could create a beautiful page in minutes just by filling out a few forms.

So that’s how you get that first list of subscribers. Now it doesn’t have to be complicated. One hundred people will be great, but you know why don’t you go crazy and get 200 or 300 people on your list.

The thing is, there is power in the smallest list because they tend to be very responsive for a couple of reasons. First, there’s this factor of recency. People who recently joined your list are always more responsive than the ones who are sitting there for some time. Second, when you’re just starting out with a small email list, your subscribers only really feel like they know you and this adds up the smallest being a lot more responsive.

Create Simple Sales Letter For Your Product or Service

So once you have your first seed list rocking, then you put together a simple sideways sales letter. Now again if you haven’t seen that first video in the workshop, watch it, so you know the formula for the sideways sales letter.

So your pre-launch content for a seed launch is pretty darn simple. You don’t have to make a fancy video – it’s often just a few emails or social media posts. So you publish that simplified sideways sales letter, and then you make your offer – this is where the magic is!

The offer you’re going to make is a series of training or coaching calls. You do a series of webinars, so all your new clients are learning together at once at that conference. The queer thing about this is that the technology is so simple. If you can use a phone, you can host a teleseminar, and there are even free tools for this. More about in the third video of this product launch workshop – the product launch blueprint.

At this point, Jeff Walker will present some great example for a guitar learning market.

How To Create Compelling Offer For Your Product Launch

The message in your pre-launch could be super simple. Some long lines of: “Ever since I started sharing my guitar tips on my blog and Facebook, a lot of folks asking me if I could do some guitar boot camp. And I thought the idea of something really cool, and I think I finally figured out how to do it. I’m going to offer it as a series of five interactive webinars where I’ll walk you step-by-step through my entire learning guitar from scratch course.”

That is a very attractive offer because people love this type of live interactive training. So now the core of seed launch is not about making a million dollars. First seed launch is about getting ten or twenty or thirty people just to say yes to your offer.

Your pricing will depend on a lot of things, including your market. Jeff stated that he has seen seed launches price anywhere from 187 dollars to up to 3000 dollars. Then you take your content, and you deliver it over a series of webinars or teleseminars.

Internal launch

Raising your game with an internal launch

The internal launch is the next step after the seed launch, or if you’ve already got an existing business, this is where you’ll start. The time to use the internal launch is when you already have a list of prospects or clients. You might already have a business or some online presence, and you’ve built up an email list or some following on social media.

The reason this is called an internal launch is that you’re using your internal lists to promote your launch. You are using the sideways sales letter, which Jeff covered in his first video.

The Internal Launch

What Do You Need For An Internal Launch?

You put out three pieces of pre-launch content or PLC for short and then you send your list to your PLC. These days the pre-launch content is done with videos, but it doesn’t have to be. You can use email or blog post or even stuff like podcasts. One thing Jeff wants to mention is that if you’re doing video, it doesn’t have to look as fancy as his.

He’s been doing this for a long time, and he’s built up a bunch of experience. I’ve seen amazing launches with the most basic video that was shot on the phone. The main point here is to start with a sale and then grew. The pre-launch content should deliver high value, and you will be good to go.

The Message Of Pre-launch Training Videos

The first video is about the journey or the opportunity, and here you’re showing how their life can change for the better. In the second one, you cover the transformation, and the third video is where you start to pivot towards the sale. All along with those videos, you’re using the mental triggers, which Jeff presents in the first video of PLF workshop.

So you mail your list and tell them about each one of those videos and that gradually it’s up into your open cart time. That’s when you open up and start taking orders. The key here is that you need to have a definitive end to your launch. A lot of people mess this up, and they make their enrolment open. That’s a big mistake because when you structure this right, you’ll see a significant spike in sales at the end of the launch.

Again the internal launch is excellent if you have an existing business and a list of prospects or clients. If that’s the case, well this is almost like money in the bank. Jeff covers this much more in-depth in his Product Launch Formula program. The sideways sales letter and the internal launch will be your go-to strategy for your online success so commit to getting it.

JV launch

Using the JV launch formula

The internal launch is effective, and many of people think of it like the bread and butter go to launch. But the JV or joint venture launch, that’s the launch that takes things to a whole different level.

Using the JV formula

How To Attract A Bigger Market With JV Launch

No matter what your market is, some people already put in the hard work and got a following of people who could be interested in your product.

They’ve already built their community, they’ve made their list, whether it’s an email list or a big social media following. So you’ve got the platform, they’ve got the community.

The JV launch is how you leverage those other people’s communities. It’s how you get your launch in front of all those people that are on their lists. The JV launch is a very highly leveraged strategy. If you add four or five joint venture partners and each of them adds big, large lists, you could be putting your launch in front of tens of thousands of people or even more. That’s instant leverage!

How Does Joint Venture Launch Look?

The way a JV launch looks is a lot like an internal launch. It’s using the same sideways sales letter, which you did for your internal launch. In most cases, you can reuse your pre-launch content from your internal launch, but now through joint venture partners, which are emailing their lists and telling them about your launch.

Now, why would they do that? Because, when you open up your cart and make a bunch of sales to the people they sent to your launch, then you’ll pay them a commission on all those sales. All the sales, the leads, the commissions, those are all tracked automatically by your shopping cart software. When your partners mail their lists, they’re sending their people to your opt-in page, so those people are joining your list. We call this a launch list, and you can build your launch list very, very quickly.

The Leverage Of Joint Venture Product Launch

Jeff has personally added 50,000 people to his list in just a few days using this strategy. It is not a typical result or anything like that, but it shows that kind of leverage list building you get when using the JV launch.

So once people are on your launch list, then you send them to your sideways sales letter. It means you’re sending a lot more people through your launch sequence.

The JV launch is complex, there’s more work involved, and you need to build your relationship with JV partners. But it’s hard to exaggerate just how powerful the JV launch strategy can be.

Will this PLF program suit you?

If you are thinking about if it’s the right time to start with Product Launch Formula, let me tell you this.

The Internet gives us this amazing global platform. It’s the world’s greatest gift to entrepreneurs. Not long ago, if you wanted to start a business, you needed a lot of capital, and you needed to take on huge risks. You need to sign a lease, get together a business plan, find investors, get loans, hire a bunch of people, buy expensive equipment. Nowadays, if you’ve got access to the Internet, you can be in business in a few hours.

The tools that are available to build a business online just weren’t there even a few years ago. And frankly, the product launch training wasn’t there either. It’s this simple. These are the glory days to launch your online business.

If you’re reading this review, then you probably fall into one of four categories.

Four categories explained

Four categories of people that suit PLF

  1. You’ve got an existing business that you’re looking to build.
  2. You might be some type of practitioner. You might be a health coach. You’re helping people with their money, or their health, the success, relationships, with a hobby, a sport or something else. You’re working with people one on one, and it’s time for you to start getting some leverage. It’s time for you to start getting products out there, so you can make more money without working more hours.
  3. You’re an author or soon-to-be author, or you’re an artist. Whether you have a book or you’re creating something about art. The reality is that the only person is going to market your book or your artwork is you. The best way to get it out there is with a launch.
  4. The fourth category is you’re starting from scratch. You don’t have a list, you don’t have a product, you don’t have a business, and maybe you don’t even have an idea for business yet, and you don’t know where to start.

There might be another option that you want to help other folks with this launch process. You want to partner with other people and help them launch their products. The thing is these three types of launches can fit into every one of those categories.

If you’ve already got an online business, then you’re probably already thinking about an internal launch. That could set you up for one of maybe the biggest month that you’ve ever had in your business.

You might be thinking about some potential JV partners, and you can do a JV launch. That’s where you can leverage up if you’re in that second category. If you’re a practitioner, coach, or consultant of some type, then your key is to get some leverage. You need a product to sell, and the seed launch is just perfect for you. That’s the easy way to create your product, and the bonus of PLF is that you get paid to create it. Then you can follow up that seed launch up with a full-blown internal launch.

If you’re an author or an artist, it depends on where exactly you are on your journey. You might fit into any one of these three types of launches.

If you’re just starting out from scratch, then it’s all about the seed launch. That’s how Jeff started out, that’s how 2 of my close friends started their journey as experts. I can guarantee it works. Period.

What about some PLF student success examples?

Product Launch Formula has been the go-to course for many entrepreneurs. The success of Jeff Walker’s students has been enormous, and they were willing to shoot some testimonial videos. Jeff did us a favour and covered their success stories in his launch workshop.

students who succeed with PLF program

One of his students told us how she used this formula to go from zero to $100.000 with PLF. You can read about this PLF success story on this page or simply watch the full video here:

YouTube video

What’s in the Product Launch Formula course? – Overview

  • The Product Launch Formula Coaching Program, including eight complete modules, that walk you through creating your first launch and then growing your launches from there
  • The interactive Launch Path feature is your direct shortcut to the most relevant for-you content.
  • Action guides, Email swipe copy, a targeted timeline, and checklists to help keep you on track, module by module.
  • Complete launch videos and scripts from launches in various markets, with full breakdowns by Jeff himself.
  • Transcripts and audio-only files of all the training videos – perfect if you’re like me and like to read more or listen while driving.
  • Additional training on how to go beyond just launches, and build your entire business with your launches (The Business Launch Formula).
  • A whole year of follow-up Coaching Calls with Jeff’s Platinum Coaches. You will be able to hear your fellow PLF students’ questions and answers — always helpful for your own business. You also get the recordings of all the coaching calls, so you can listen to them again (or catch up if you have to miss one).
  • The Facebook PLF Owners Alumni group – there’s pure gold in this group, and it’s where you can really tap into the community
  • Jeff’s $5,970.00 bonus:
  • Launching Your List – This stand-alone course will teach you how to grow an email list of people hungry for what you offer.
  • Product Creation Code – This course shows you how to create an offer that people will line up to pay you for, whether it’s an online program, membership, coaching program, or physical product.
  • The full Case Study & Launch Examples Library — If you love to learn by example, this bonus is pure gold.
  • Jeff’s $7 million Launch Sample File – this is a copy from his $7 million in launches, plus an additional copy from some of our PLF Owners’ launches. You can use this “sample copy” as a starting point for your launch.
  • + 5 other valued bonuses including the “Advanced Launch Multipliers” training, Your Tech Stack Quick Start, The Launch partnership and many others

Review of all 9 Modules – The PLF CORE Roadmap

Product Launch Formula - review of modules

  • Module 1: Building a Launch Foundation In this first module, Jeff will teach you about the core strategies and tactics, which can be applied to all types of launches. We could name this part the heart of PLF.
  • Module 2: Your Launch Plan You will be learning all about developing a clear plan for your first launch. You’ll identify niches, assets, and goals and create an avatar with all the qualities of your target market.
  • Module 3: Pre Pre-Launch This module is all about the preparation period before selling your product. It will help if you focus on hard work and detail in creating an email mailing list composed of the right people for your brand.
  • Module 4: Pre-Launch Content Now you start to develop your launch story based on what you learn in early modules. Finally, you will dig into a problem-solution path, which is crucial for successful marketing.
  • Module 5: Open Cart In this module, you’ll have a guide on every step to make the open cart as smooth sailing as possible, from your Open Cart email sequence to the copy of your offer. In addition, Jeff will analyse actual sales videos from his students and you will learn what’s right and wrong in each of these videos.
  • Module 6: Internal and Seed Launches These lessons are beneficial and essential, especially to those who are starting from scratch. Those are often stuck in the planning stage because they have no idea how to build a business or product.
  • Module 7: Joint Venture Launches Here, you will go over the sales videos and learn a lot from real examples. This is the place where Jeff covers the JV launch.
  • Module 8: Evergreen Launch An Evergreen Launch is where you take your product launch and turn it into an ongoing process, allowing it to run like a well-oiled machine.
  • Module 9: Business Launch Formula Kind of like the product launch formula, but for your business. Jeff talks about business strategy, building a team and the mental game of the launch life!

I cover details in my 2021 PLF review, and I explain the modules, methods, offers, services, and bonuses offered in the course. I also talk about their pros and cons that may help you decide if you are still making up your mind about this program. Click here to read my 2021 PLF Review!

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My Irresistible $12,497+ Product Launch Formula Bonus

Let me explain. I’ve been promoting Jeff Walker’s PLF for years, and there’s no secrets. For everyone who enrolls in the PLF, I’m getting a small referral fee (at no extra cost for you), which helps me run this website and provide for my family…

More importantly, from what I saw when I was jumping on board and from what I hear from people who signed up under me, there’s not been a bad word about this course. I’m so confident about Jeff Walker’s PLF that I decided to offer my ULTIMATE $6,527+ Product Launch Formula BONUS on top of that and this will make a complete offer a NO-BRAINER!

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7 5 3 BONUSES Left

PLF Bonus #1: Thrive Themes collection (value: $47/month)

plf bonus - thrive

If you want to launch you product online you obviously need a website. While putting the PLF training into practice you will eventually find out you need the tools available in Thrive collection to make your launch profitable.

With this bonus you will a full suite of Thrive Themes products, including Architect (drag & drop visual editor), Leads (email list building tool), Quiz Builder, Ultimatum (for perfect scarcity marketing) and many other tools which will help you create a perfect product launch and make you entire website convert more of your visitors into subscribers, customers & clients.

This tools costs about $47/month but with this bonus, I will install all or any of these tools to your website so you can use it without monthly cost and spend your money on more important things to help you build or leverage your business.

You can find out more about these tools on Thrive Themes website.

PLF Bonus #2: 60 days FREE hosting (value: $100)

digital ocean hosting

As part of my PLF bonus, I’ll get you a private link to get a hosting account at Digital Ocean with $100 credit you can use in 2 months.

This is where I host my websites and online courses.

PLF Bonus #3: The Perfect Online Classroom bundle (value: $2,497+)

bonus classroom - 1
bonus classroom - 2

This bonus is a no-brainer, when it comes to launching your product as an online education course.

And if you plan to sell it you have to keep the word and deliver – only this way the customers will happily return and buy more.

In the past few years I’ve been helping few of my clients with their product launch and I’ve made a custom online classroom where my clients teach their thing. So I know which tools you need to do it properly.

If money is not a limitation you might not need this bonus, but this rarely happens.

When you see which tools you need and the monthly cost for them, you eventually find out that running an online classroom can be pricey. I was thinking about it while developing and created a cost-effective system, which is good looking and easy to manage.

As part of this bonus, I will install this template on your web-server, so you can just switch the content and start teaching immediately.

For more info about this bonus send me a message through contact form.

This OFFER is a tough one, so I decided to limit it to 10 customers. If you don’t act, I’m sure your competitor will… Act fast and secure your access!

PLF Bonus #4: Email automation software (value: $200+)

email automation software bonus

Email marketing is a big part of Jeff’s PLF, and as you suspect, email automation can be pricey. So as part of my PLF bonus, I’ll give you access to the email automation software, which is dirt cheap. 

The software relies on Amazon SES, which will charge you $1 per 10.000 sent emails. You can do basically anything, from sending newsletter to doing proper email automation. This is the software that I use for my own stuff and will, for sure, save you some money!

You can find out more about it on Sendy website.

PLF Bonus #5: SEO & Traffic consultation (value: $1,097+)

Bonus #4 - SEO consulting

SEO is the ULTIMATE way to draw TONS of highly-targeted customers to your website. That’s the FACT!

If you already know what you will be selling or you’re still at idea generation process, THIS will be a perfect suite for your online success.

With this bonus, you will get Skype access to my team of specialists and me, so we can further help you creating an ULTIMATE Traffic Generation campaign! You can ask us anything SEO or marketing related, and we will assist you in our best possible way.

It’s time to make the RIGHT choice for your business, starting TODAY!

PLF Bonus #6: IN-House Knowledge Base (value: $1,497+)

knowledge base - PLF bonus #5

With this bonus, you will get access to our IN-House library… We learn from TOP performers in the industry (including Ryan Deiss, Dan Kennedy, Eben Pagan, etc. ), so everything you will find inside WORKS. Period!

While crafting the perfect campaign, you often get lost in all the info you find online. These days are over!

You will never-ever struggle to find the right solution for your case. We already went through this process and filtered out all the bullsh*t while creating our IN-House library.

At that very moment you can find courses, tools and resources covering copywriting, funnels, Facebook advertising, email marketing, SEO, time management and more…

This OFFER is a tough one, so I decided to limit it to 10 customers. If you don’t act, I’m sure your competitor will… Act fast and secure your access!


Jeff Walker’s $5,970.00 PLF BONUS

  • BONUS #1: Jeff Walker’s complete “Launching Your List 2.0” video training course
  • BONUS #2: the full-blown Product Creation Code video training course
  • BONUS #3: The full Case Study & Launch Examples Library
  • +5 OTHER VALUED BONUSES: including the “Live Launch” training, Your Tech Stack Quick Start, The Launch partnership and many others…

What Others Say About Jerry Kriznar And His Amazing “No-Where Else Seen” PLF Bonus?

Keith Jones


Executive Learning Expert // alchemyww.com

The bonus material that he offered is well researched, clear, concise and extremely helpful!

Myself and my business partner were extremely keen to begin our online business with the PLF formula by Jeff Walker. Although we had registered our interest we were deeply disappointed when we received and email confirming that the registration had closed the 2018 and that we would have to wait until 2018 to begin the process.

And then we found Jerry Kriznar and his last minute offering of entry into the PLF process. 

He was absolutely true to his word. Not only did we gain access to the materials to begin development of out online business, the PLF formula, but the bonus material that he offered if well researched, clear, concise and extremely helpful!

We would thoroughly recommend him to you.

Truly, I hope all affiliates are as honest and as helpful as you.

Thanks Jerry for the quality bonuses, especially the free mini i-pad. I’m newbie just wanting to make a difference in the world and I appreciate your customer service and honesty.

Dr. Chin


Diagnostic MyoTherapy Practitioner // drchin.com

Nigel Moore


MSP & IT Support Business Owner & Consultant // nigel.me

I’m so glad that I purchased the course via your website!

Thank you for keeping the word, and sending my Product Launch Formula bonus – just confirming I have now received it. I’m so glad that I purchased the course via your website!

Value: 10/10

Delivery: 10/10

I appreciate your quick response!!! Thank you.

I just got the last part of your awesome Product Launch Formula bonus!!!! Keep up the good work and thanks again for your tips on SEO strategy!

Amber Miller


Founder of Smart to Finish Office Solutions, LLC // smarttofinish.com

Thorsten Laabs


Managing director of Mdk GmbH // mdk.digital

Super fast, very personal – which stands out compared to so many other standard support answers – helpful and thus way beyond expectation!

The bonus material came as promised when I signed up and it will take me some time to go through all the valuable material you shared. So, thanks a lot for that! I am looking forward to being a more active part of the PLF community this year.

How to qualify for the ultimate PLF bonus?

  1. Purchase Product Launch Formula through my link. Click here!
  2. Forward me your receipt on: bonus (at) productlaunchclass.com with Subject line: “PLF”.
  3. I will get back to you within 24hours with all the instructions and my Skype ID.

Note: All the bonuses become available after the refund period is over (14 days). If you will take the 6 instalments plan, this means after you pay for the complete PLF training.

satisfaction guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

This course comes with a 14-day, full money-back guarantee. That is, if you are unsatisfied at any time during the next 2 weeks, return it for a full refund of every penny you paid (including shipping and handling)… no questions, no hassles.

To recap, you get over $12,497 in bonuses when you invest in Jeff’s Product Launch Formula today…

Jerry Kriznar - author of ProductLaunchClass

Jerry Kriznar


I’m a 33-year-old entrepreneur from Slovenia who’s in love with internet marketing. I specialize in product launching, SEO and like to write unbiased product reviews.