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Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula: Overview, Bonus and Insights

Product Launch Formula (PLF) is a course by Jeff Walker that provides detailed, step-by-step training to launch a product or a service online. PLF offers clarity and direction in the often confusing process of launching and guides you to grow your online business.

In this article, you’ll:

  • Get an overview of the PLF coaching program, with all the facts and essential info,
  • Learn what the PLF is and who Jeff Walker is,
  • Find out how the formula works, including the strategies behind successful product launches,
  • Learn about the course’s pricing and what’s included in the offer,
  • Hear success stories from individuals who have implemented PLF, and
  • Get our bonus package designed to help you progress in your business.

Page Summary

The overview of the Product Launch Formula is provided below:

Product Launch Formula

Rating: 4.7/5

BEST FOR: All-in-one Marketing & Sales Course

KNOWLEDGE LEVEL: Beginners and Average

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I’m an affiliate so I might earn commissions at no extra costs for you, if you decide to purchase PLF via my website.

Course Overview

Course NameProduct Launch Formula

AuthorJeff Walker

Price$1997 or 6 x $397

Refund period14 days

SegmentBusiness, Marketing, Sales

Important Dates

Pre-LaunchAugust 17, 2024

Release DateAugust 28, 2024

Cart CloseAugust 31, 2024

ReopensAvgust, 2024

Author / Company Profile

Company NameInternet Alchemy, Inc.

Date Founded2008

HeadquatersDurango, CO, USA


PLF overview

Watch Now! PLF Video Overview

What is the Product Launch Formula, aka PLF?

Product Launch Formula ® is a comprehensive guide to launching a product, course, or service online. In the PLF coaching program, developed and guided by Jeff Walker himself, you’ll:

  • Learn the proven, step-by-step process for launching your product with precision.
  • Gain insights from the successful product launches, guided by Jeff’s strategic approach.
  • Draw inspiration from real success stories to fuel your journey of launching.
  • Pick the brains of fellow community members and coaches.
  • Access educational content tailored to grow your business and achieve success with launching.
Product Launch Formula coaching program

Who is Jeff Walker?

Jeff Walker is the author of the Product Launch Formula, a marketing expert, and the inventor of product launch strategy.

Jeff Walker has been teaching the product launch workshops every year since 2005, and he’s had almost 1 million people go through his training. His students launched various products, services, courses, books, and even entire businesses in nearly every market, niche, and corner of the world.

If you’re unfamiliar with Jeff or his work, there is a strong chance you’ve at least seen some of his students using the formula (even if you didn’t realize it then.)

Jeff Walker - author of the PLF
Jeff Walker
Book Launch by Jeff Walker
Book Launch by Jeff Walker

Jeff Walker’s achievements and those of his students led Forbes to feature him in an article titled “Why Jeff Walker Is The $400 Million Man — And 7 Lessons You Can Learn From Him”. (The title needs an update to reflect the increasing numbers.)

Jeff is the author of the bestselling book Launch, which has an average rating of 4.5 and more than 3503 ratings on Amazon. According to the ratings and reviews, Jeff is the go-to guy for launching an online business.

Click to read more about Jeff Walker.

How Does The Formula Work?

The Product Launch Formula works by making your product launch process feel like an exciting event. The formula grabs attention with compelling stories, creates a buzz with well-timed actions, and uses clever techniques to keep people interested (in whatever you are selling). Think of it as planning a standout party that everyone talks about but for your product.

The formula guides you through each step to build excitement, engage with the audience, and boost sales at launch. It’s about creating a memorable experience that captivates your audience from the beginning to the end.

elements of product launch formula

Jeff Walker hosts a free Launch Masterclass video series detailing how the formula works.

The Launch Masterclass: FREE Workshop

The Launch Masterclass is a FREE 4-video series that explains product launches and introduces the PLF. Jeff Walker clarifies essential elements of PLF, including the Sideways Sales Letter, sequences, stories, and mental triggers.

the launch masterclass

Watch Launch Masterclass

Explore the Launch Masterclass for effective product launch strategies. The workshop is a “case study” example of a live launch as Jeff offers his course in the fourth lesson. Watch it closely to see how Jeff uses strategies to launch his PLF course.

I’ve summarized key concepts from the product launch workshop on this page if the 15-hour Masterclass feels too lengthy.

How Much Does The PLF Cost?

The Product Launch Formula costs $1997 as a one-time payment or $2382 if you pay in six installments of $397 each. This program does not have any hidden costs.

What’s Included In The Course? – Offer Overview

The PLF course includes 8 primary modules covering different launch types and phases, including Seed launch, Internal launch, Joint Venture launch, Pre-Prelaunch, Prelaunch, and Open Cart phases. This primary modules consists of actionable PDF guides and 48 videos that deliver 13 hours of training. The primary modules are then supplemented by an extra 65 hours of video training, swipe files and templates including:

  • case studies for each specific launch type,
  • audits of pre-launch and sales videos where you can learn through examples,
  • brainstorming sessions that help you find the right lead magnet for your business,
  • implementation of done-for-you email sequences and swipe files,
  • creation of sales letters and sales videos using the templates provided,
  • recordings of coaching calls on various business topics,
  • #launchlife training that broadens the scope to full business development

The course expands beyond its core training with extra elements enhancing the launch journey. Bonuses like the $7 million Launch Sample File provide extensive practical application. The Launchy AI™ tool enables precise strategy shaping, ending the challenging “blank page” hurdle for PLF students. Support is ongoing through bi-weekly coaching calls and the PLF Owners Alumni community.

What Are The 8 Modules of PLF About?

You can read the summary of each module from the PLF in the list below:

  • Module 1: Preparing to Launch—Jeff covers essential strategies and tactics for all types of launches, which are central to the PLF.
  • Module 2: Seed Launch—These lessons are about taking an idea for a product and getting paid to create it, working closely with your audience.
  • Module 3: Internal Launch—This module teaches you how to launch your product to your email list after creating it, ideally through a Seed Launch.
  • Module 4: Pre-Prelaunch focuses on building an email list of potential customers before product sales begin.
  • Module 5: Prelaunch—Based on what you learn in early modules, you start to create your launch story. Finally, you will explore a problem-solution path, which is crucial for successful marketing.
  • Module 6: Open Cart—This module guides you through optimizing the open cart process, including creating an email sequence and crafting your offer. Jeff will review student sales videos, highlighting dos and don’ts.
  • Module 7: Joint Venture Launch—You will review the sales videos and learn a lot from examples in this module. Jeff will teach you how to scale your launch with affiliate partners.
  • Module 8: Launch Life—This module is a roadmap for building your business with launches.
The PLF Dashboard

Based on what you get in the members area, PLF is the most comprehensive launch training I have found on the market. Read the in-depth review of the Product Launch Formula if you want specific details about modules with pros/cons and my personal opinion.

Did Any PLF Student Succeed With The Formula?

The PLF has made success stories, as it’s the go-to course for many entrepreneurs. The success rate of students has been enormous, and some were willing to share case studies. Seek examples of successful launches achieved through this methodology on this page – PLF success stories. The Launch Masterclass covers many more, including Susan Garret, Dylan Frost, and others.

testimonials and case studies of students who succeed with PLF program

The Irresistible $9,497+ PLF Bonus

To help you make immediate progress in your business and launch your product with the help of the best, I’m offering a Product Launch Formula bonus. My bonuses complement the course and come on top of Jeff’s offer, so this complete package is a NO-BRAINER!

I’ve been promoting Jeff Walker’s PLF for years, and there are no secrets. For everyone who enrolls in the course, I’m getting a small referral fee (at no extra cost to you), which helps me run this website and provide more bonuses.

From what I saw when I was jumping on board and from what I heard from people who signed up under me, there’s not been a bad word about this course. I’m so confident about Jeff Walker’s PLF that I decided to offer my ULTIMATE $3,527+ BONUS. For a full look into what you get, visit my PLF bonuses page.

I’ll have to limit the bonuses to the first ten people who join PLF through my website, so hurry up! (I’ll update this count throughout the launch).

7 5 3 BONUSES Left

Bonus #1: ProductLaunchClass’ Bonus (value: $3,527+)

ProductLaunchClass' Bonus

Bonus #1: Thrive Themes collection (value: $47/month)

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Bonus #6: IN-House Knowledge Base (value: $997+)

In the past few years, I’ve been helping a few of my clients with their product launches, so I know which tools you need to do it properly and cost-effectively. You can ask me anything as part of my PLF bonus offer.

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Bonus #2: Jeff Walker’s BONUS (value: $5,970.00)

Jeff Walker’s BONUS

  • BONUS #1: Jeff Walker’s complete “Launching Your List 2.0” video training course
  • BONUS #2: The full-blown Product Creation Code video training course
  • BONUS #3: The full Case Study & Launch Examples Library
  • +5 OTHER VALUED BONUSES: including the “Live Launch” training, Your Tech Stack Quick Start, The Launch partnership and many others…

What Others Say About Jerry Kriznar And His Amazing “No-Where Else Seen” PLF Bonus?



Executive Learning Expert //

The bonus material that he offered is well researched, clear, concise and extremely helpful!

Myself and my business partner were extremely keen to begin our online business with the PLF formula by Jeff Walker. Although we had registered our interest we were deeply disappointed when we received an email confirming that the registration had closed the 2018 and that we would have to wait until 2018 to begin the process.

And then we found Jerry Kriznar and his last minute offering of entry into the PLF process. 

He was absolutely true to his word. Not only did we gain access to the materials to begin development of our online business, the PLF formula, but the bonus material that he offered was well researched, clear, concise and extremely helpful!

We would thoroughly recommend him to you.

Truly, I hope all affiliates are as honest and as helpful as you.

Thanks Jerry for the quality bonuses, especially the free mini i-pad. I’m a newbie just wanting to make a difference in the world and I appreciate your customer service and honesty.



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MSP & IT Support Business Owner & Consultant //

I’m so glad that I purchased the course via your website!

Thank you for keeping the word, and sending my Product Launch Formula bonus – just confirming I have now received it. I’m so glad that I purchased the course via your website!

Value: 10/10

Delivery: 10/10

I appreciate your quick response!!! Thank you.

I just got the last part of your awesome bonus!!!! Keep up the good work and thanks again for your tips on SEO strategy!



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Super fast, very personal – which stands out compared to so many other standard support answers – helpful and thus way beyond expectation!

The bonus material came as promised when I signed up and it will take me some time to go through all the valuable material you shared. So, thanks a lot for that! I am looking forward to being a more active part of the PLF community this year.

How to qualify for the ultimate PLF bonus?

  1. Purchase Product Launch Formula through my link. Click here!
  2. Forward me your receipt on: bonus (at) with Subject line: “PLF”.
  3. I will get back to you within 24 hours with all the instructions and my contact info.

Note: All the bonuses become available after the refund period is over (14 days). If you will take the 6 installments plan, this means after you pay for the complete PLF training.

Are there any risks in purchasing the course?

satisfaction guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

The PLF course comes with a 14-day, full money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied during the next two weeks, return it for a full refund of every penny you paid (including shipping and handling). No questions, no hassles.


Launching a product involves many crucial elements, making it challenging to consider everything. PLF makes launching manageable, serving as the ultimate knowledge base for successful launches. Jeff Walker and his team of coaches are there to guide you in making the first steps toward your product launch and a successful online business.

You get over $9,497 in bonuses when you invest in Jeff’s Product Launch Formula today.

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What are the steps that you take in the PLF course?

The steps that you take inside the Product Launch Formula are listed below:

  1. Evaluate your current business position, regardless of whether you are in the early stages of generating ideas, already have an established business, or are starting from scratch. It helps you determine which product launch approach you should take.
  2. Choose the most suitable launch type from seed, internal, or JV launches.
  3. Analyze your customers’ personas to understand better who you are selling to. By understanding this, you’re able to create compelling sales materials.
  4. Learn and execute effective marketing, sales, and launch strategies in your materials.
  5. Improve your product or service with the Product Creation Code, the program included in the course.
  6. Launch your first product with the (help of) expert coaching throughout the process.
  7. Integrate product launches as a standard business practice and improve launch results with the next launch.

Learn about the Product Launch Blueprint and the key steps to launch, if you are looking for a practical roadmap.

Will this PLF program suit you?

The PLF will fit you if you fall into one of the categories of people described below:

  1. You’ve got an existing business that you’re looking to build.
  2. You might be some practitioner or coach. You’re helping people with money, health, success, relationships, a hobby, a sport, or something else. The PLF might be perfect if you’re working with people one-on-one and feel it’s time to start getting some leverage. It’s time to start getting products out there, so you can make more money without working more hours.
  3. You’re an author or soon-to-be author, or you’re an artist. Whether you have a book or you’re creating something about art. The reality is that the only person who will market your book or artwork is you. The best way to get it out there is with a launch.
  4. The fourth category is you’re starting from scratch. You don’t have a list, you don’t have a product, you don’t have a business, and maybe you don’t even have an idea for a business yet, and you need to know where to start.
  5. There might be another option that you want to help other folks with this launch process. You want to partner with other people and help them launch their products.
If you have a good product, a reasonable offer, work the system, and continue to improve, then you can build a great business using the PLF.

Who is the PLF NOT for?

The PLF is not appropriate for people whose goal is to “get rich quick” without putting in any work.

Disclaimer: I’m an affiliate of the Product Launch Formula, so I might get a commission if you buy PLF course through my website. This means NO extra cost for you, buy you help me to run this website and provide for my family. Don’t forget to claim my amazing PLF bonus!