Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Workshop

Jeff Walker just started his once-a-year free “Launch Workshop”…

It’s a game-changer for your business (whether you’ve started it or not), and the best part: it’s completely free.

He’s been doing this every year since 2005, and he’s had almost a million people go through the workshop – and the success stories are legendary.

Lesson #1: free Launch Workshop

Watch Lesson #1 >>> Product Launch Formula Workshop

This first lesson covers the one launch strategy that’s generated more than $500 million in results. You’ll learn what’s working NOW if you want to launch a new product, service… or even an entire business.

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P.S. Jeff wrote the playbook for the online product launch… so when the rules change, I always pay attention to what he’s doing.

core elements playbook image
core elements playbook
Jerry Kriznar - author of ProductLaunchClass

Jerry Kriznar


I’m a 34-year-old entrepreneur from Slovenia, a father, and a husband who loves internet marketing. I’ve been an owner of Product Launch Formula since 2012, so I know this program from the inside out. I help others launch, do SEO and enjoy adrenaline sports (surfing, snowboarding, mountain biking).