About Jeff Walker, a renowned author and entrepreneur

Jeff Walker, the author of the renowned “Product Launch Formula,” is an accomplished entrepreneur who has made a significant impact in online marketing and product launches.

This page comprehensively reviews Jeff Walker – the product launch expert. Find out about Jeff’s background and his impact on the industry. Discover a wide range of his products, learn about his collaborations with famous entrepreneurs, and gain valuable knowledge to decide which programs fit your business best.

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Background of Jeff Walker

Born in 1971 and raised in Durango, Colorado, Jeff Walker developed a passion for entrepreneurship early on. After leaving his corporate job and being a stay-at-home dad, he began sharing his expertise through a newsletter on the stock market. He transitioned from the corporate world to explore the possibilities of the Internet and its potential for business growth.

While working on his newsletter, Jeff discovered the immense power of product launches in generating substantial sales and creating buzz around new offerings. He became a pioneer in the field, developing and refining his strategies for launching products effectively.

In 2005, Jeff Walker published his seminal work, “Product Launch Formula,” which revolutionized the way entrepreneurs approached their product launches. The Product Launch Formula outlined a step-by-step framework for orchestrating successful launches, emphasizing the importance of building anticipation, creating compelling offers, and leveraging the power of joint ventures. The book became an instant hit and established Jeff as a leading authority in the online marketing industry.

Jeff Walker - the launch expert
Jeff Walker – the launch expert

His Impact on the Industry

Jeff Walker’s ideas and methods have since transformed the way online businesses operate. His formula has been widely adopted by entrepreneurs, marketers, and businesses of all sizes worldwide. Additionally, Jeff has shared his knowledge and insights through seminars, workshops, and online courses, further solidifying his reputation as a sought-after mentor and educator.

Jeff Walker’s Products

Jeff Walker, as an influential figure in the online marketing and product launch space, has developed and released several products throughout his career. Here is a short list of some of Jeff Walker’s notable products:

  • Product Launch Formula: Jeff Walker’s flagship online program
  • The book Launch: An Internet Millionaire’s Secret Formula
  • The Launch Masterclass: an interactive live training event
  • PLF Live: an annual event organized by Jeff Walker
  • Launch Club: a high-end membership community

These are just a few examples of the products and resources Jeff Walker has created to empower entrepreneurs and marketers with the knowledge and tools to launch their products successfully. His offerings continue to evolve, adapt, and cater to the ever-changing landscape of online business and marketing.

The Product Launch Formula

The Product Launch Formula is Jeff Walker’s flagship product, originally released as a book in 2005. It presents proven strategies for successful product launches. Over time, it has transformed into a comprehensive training program with videos, tutorials, and support materials, providing entrepreneurs with effective guidance in launching their products.

The program costs approximately $2,000 and offers a structured learning experience and implementation guidance to help individuals earn quickly. It is considered the best value among Jeff’s programs. To learn more about the Product Launch Formula, click here.

The Product Launch Formula course dashboard
The Product Launch Formula training

The Launch Book

Jeff Walker released the book “Launch: An Internet Millionaire’s Secret Formula To Sell Almost Anything Online, Build A Business You Love, And Live The Life Of Your Dreams” in 2014, with an expanded edition published in 2021. This book introduces the concepts and strategies covered in his PLF course, accompanied by supporting stories and case studies.

It serves as an introduction to the Product Launch Formula course and is recommended for individuals seeking new ideas and a basic understanding of the concepts taught in the course.

To read my notes on the book Launch, click here.

And to purchase the “Launch” book on Amazon, click here.

the book Launch by Jeff Walker
The book “Launch”

The Launch Masterclass

The Launch Masterclass is a live, interactive training event facilitated by Jeff Walker. Attendees receive practical experience and personalized guidance in developing and executing product launch strategies.

the launch masterclass
The Launch Masterclass workshop

This training is highly recommended for individuals seeking a deeper understanding of why the product launch concepts taught by Jeff Walker are so effective. To access the FREE Launch Workshop, click here.

PLF Live

PLF Live is an annual three-day event by Jeff Walker, typically held in April. It brings together a community of entrepreneurs and marketers eager to enhance their product launch skills. During PLF Live, Jeff Walker will guide participants through a series of exercises, resulting in the completion of their launch plans. This immersive workshop provides clarity and focus, empowering attendees to execute their launches successfully.

Since 2010, this live event has offered valuable insights, case studies, and networking opportunities with like-minded individuals. In the past, the event was called LaunchCon, serving as a shorter name for a launch conference. During the pandemic, PLF Live transitioned into a virtual format, and later it became a combination of in-person and virtual attendance options.

PLF live event
PLF Live event

PLF Live is particularly beneficial for individuals who already have an idea and seek to finalize their launch plans. Attendees can enhance their product launch strategies, generate new ideas, engage in brainstorming sessions with others, and establish valuable connections within the industry.

Below is a comparison table of the various ticket options available for PLF Live, including their prices and the corresponding benefits they offer:

PLF Live Ticket OptionPriceBenefits
Virtual: General$297Fully interactive workshop, ready-to-go launch plan, practical virtual event experience, offer design, prelaunch content/sales video bullet-pointing, overall launch strategy architecture.
Virtual: VIP$494Besides the above, you get enhanced access to Jeff Walker and his team, special Q&A session, and event recordings.
Virtual: PLF Owners$97You get exclusive access for PLF owners with a VIP upgrade.
In-person: General$1000Not available anymore, previously offered before transitioning to virtual events.
In-person: VIP$3000You get behind-the-scenes access, enhanced experience, VIP lunch and an extra mastermind day before the PLF Live. You will also learn how to run a big virtual event. Please note that this ticket has limited availability, with only 30 spots.

The Launch Club

The Launch Club, created by Jeff Walker, is a premier membership community designed to support and mentor entrepreneurs and marketers seeking to excel in product launches. This high-end community offers exclusive resources, coaching, and networking opportunities. There is a confirmation process to gain access, and the membership fee is $10,000.

Launch Club is highly valuable and recommended for individuals who already have a successful product and aim to elevate it further. However, due to the substantial price, it is advisable for those seeking to take their existing product to the next level. Evaluate and decide if Launch Club aligns with your goals and budget, as it offers exceptional benefits for experienced entrepreneurs.

Notable Entrepreneurs That Jeff Worked With

Jeff Walker has worked with several famous entrepreneurs throughout his career. Below you can find a short list of the most known:

  • Eben Pagan – an internet marketing pioneer and entrepreneur,
  • Brendon Burchard – a highly successful motivational speaker, author, and online marketer,
  • Frank Kern – a renowned marketing expert and consultant,
  • Ryan Deiss – the co-founder and CEO of DigitalMarketer,
  • John Reese – a successful internet marketer and entrepreneur,
  • Jeff Goins – a bestselling author and speaker,
  • Stu McLaren – a leading expert in membership site creation and community building,
  • Tony Robbins – a renowned motivational speaker and personal development coach,
  • Dean Graziosi – a successful real estate investor and entrepreneur,
  • Russell Brunson – the founder of ClickFunnels and sales funnel expert.
jeff walker with famous entrepreneurs
experts that worked with Jeff Walker

Below you can read more about the work with the experts, that you find in the list above:

Eben Pagan: Jeff Walker partnered with Eben Pagan, an internet marketing pioneer and entrepreneur. Their joint venture allowed them to leverage their combined expertise and expand their influence in the online marketing industry.

Brendon Burchard: Jeff collaborated with Brendon Burchard, a highly successful motivational speaker, author, and online marketer. Together, they delivered valuable content and resources, providing additional insights and strategies to entrepreneurs.

Frank Kern: Jeff Walker worked with Frank Kern, a renowned marketing expert and consultant. Their collaboration aimed to help entrepreneurs succeed in online marketing and product launches, offering valuable insights and resources.

Ryan Deiss: Walker collaborated with Ryan Deiss, the co-founder and CEO of DigitalMarketer, sharing insights, tactics, and best practices for successful product launches in the ever-changing digital landscape.

John Reese: Jeff Walker partnered with John Reese, a successful internet marketer and entrepreneur, to share their expertise and strategies in product launches, benefiting their respective audiences.

Jeff Goins: Jeff Walker collaborated with Jeff Goins, a bestselling author and speaker, focusing on helping individuals develop and launch their products and services, emphasizing effective storytelling and communication.

Stu McLaren: Jeff also collaborated with Stu McLaren, an expert in membership site creation and community building. Their partnership centered around helping entrepreneurs leverage membership sites to generate recurring revenue and build engaged communities.

Tony Robbins: Jeff Walker worked with Tony Robbins, a renowned motivational speaker and personal development coach, combining their expertise in business growth and personal transformation to provide comprehensive insights and strategies to entrepreneurs.

Dean Graziosi: Jeff collaborated with Dean Graziosi, a successful real estate investor and entrepreneur, offering their knowledge and experiences to individuals through joint ventures, events, and educational programs.

Russell Brunson: Jeff Walker partnered with Russell Brunson, the founder of ClickFunnels, focusing on sales funnel strategies and techniques to optimize marketing and conversion processes.

These collaborations enriched the learning experiences, offering diverse perspectives on entrepreneurship and online marketing strategies through seminars, workshops, and training programs.


As an experienced practitioner and thought leader, Jeff Walker continues to innovate and adapt his strategies to the evolving digital landscape. His teachings have helped countless entrepreneurs achieve remarkable success by effectively launching their products and services to eager audiences. Jeff’s impact on the online marketing industry is undeniable, making him a revered figure and a go-to resource for anyone looking to master the art of product launches.


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