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The creator of Product Launch Formula, Jeff Walker, had a good question come in from Frank McKean about how to launch a product if you start from scratch, without a list. Frank wrote: “You’ve mentioned that launching a product is a powerful way to build a list. I don’t understand. It seems like I need a list to launch a product.”

So I could probably talk about this one for about a day or two, but I’m going to move-quickly because things are crazy right now. We’re putting the finishing touches on our launch workshop we do this once a year. It’s a 100% free, and we’re starting in just a few days, so a lot is going on, we got video, we’ve got PDFs, we’ve got worked at all kinds of stuff so that any case will go real quick on this.

We’ve had this question a bunch over the years, and it’s natural because you are probably and if you’re watching this video, is a good chance you might be on my email list, and you’ve seen me in my launches. If you’re on my email list, you’re probably on a lot of other people’s email lists, and you’ve probably seen them do launches. Because the reality is pretty much every expert or leader or teacher or guru or so many ones got a presence online, they’ve probably used Jeff Walker’s product launch formula.

Everyone in the market of teaching – how to build a business, or how to grow your business, have gone through PLF. Many of them went through this Product Launch Formula review to see how the formula works.

They all know that also you’ve seen them do launches. So you see those launches come in and you know you’re on their email list and you know how all that all happens.

Jeff Walker's PLF training

So you think, oh that’s whom you have to be after their vast presence. However, the reality is that they became an expert; they became known as experts, as leaders and teachers and gurus because they did a product launch. It’s the launch that came first before you knew them. You didn’t know them, and then he did a product launch and built his list. No one starts with a list right.

The PLF Formula For Starting With List Building

So you start with a basic PLF formula of list building. You might hear that email is not as efficient, but it depends on what you offer to the potential customer and how you do it. First, you create something of value for people that they want, that they might download, and it’d be a video or PDF for a guy or a piece of software or whatever.

Then you put up a page where they can go and get that, but before they do that, they need to give you their email address. Then you need to drive traffic to that page, and that’s how you get people on your list.

Once you get this little list, and maybe it’s a hundred people or two or three hundred people on your list, then you do your first launch.

You share some great content and just by word of mouth, your list will grow. It doesn’t always work this way sometimes it’s better, sometimes it’s worse, but many times it works perfectly. If you start with a small list (300, 400, 500 or a thousand people), do a launch and put out great content, just through word of mouth you’ll double the size of your list. You’ll go from 300 to 600 or from 800 to 1600 or from 2000 and 4000. It doesn’t always work that way, but that’s how you start to build a list and then start to pour gasoline on the fire. The way you grow things out is with the joint venture launch. It’s where other people in your market, who already have email lists and online presence, mail their subscribers to tell them about your launch.

They’ll say: “Hey you know Susie’s got this great business where she’s teaching about volleyball?” or “Frank’s got this great business where he’s teaching about decorating” and they’ll mail. There they listed: “go check out Frank’s or Susie stuff.” Their people come over, and then join your list to go through your launch.

The reason those other people will mail their list is that you’ll give them a commission on sales based on the sales to the people they’ve sent over. Then you’ll pay them a commission. You’re able to join Jeff’s product launch workshop, which is going through this in a lot more detail, or you can read more about this strategy in my Product Launch Formula review. With that joint venture launch, Jeff Walker added tens of thousands of people to his list within just a few days.

I’ve many long-term relationships with all the top experts, and they’ve all got a big list. I’m not saying you’re going to add tens of thousands of people to your list, but the reality is that’s the way the game works, and that’s how experts become known as experts by doing a launch.

It’s like you don’t need a list to do a launch, you do a launch to get a list, and that’s a little you know a little it makes. It sounds simpler then it is so you should be aware there’s always work involved. However, the reality is, the way you start to create a list is by creating great content that gets shared. Make sure that content resonates with the people in your market and then they’ll join your list. If you want to see Jeff’s opinion and his enthusiasm feel free to watch this video:

My Thoughts On This PLF Bonus Strategy

I know Jeff Walker shares only high-quality content, so I have to remind you that Jeff is about to start his product launch workshop. He does this once a year, and he had like nearly a million people go through the launch workshop once a year. You can read my Product Launch Formula review to get outstanding notes of what he covers in each part of his PLF training. Make sure you don’t miss out!


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