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What Is Product Launch Class?

What Is
Product Launch Class

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Product Launch Class is a website that reviews, compares, and evaluates Jeff Walker’s programs. Its main objective is to assist users in finding the ideal training for launching their products, services, or businesses online. Product Launch Class achieves this by providing independent reviews, comparisons, tips, and articles.

What Is The Purpose of Product Launch Class?

Purpose of Product Launch Class emerged after experiencing struggles to find a reliable framework for launching a new business online, as well as noticing nontransparent and scam offers.

Product Launch Class was founded to guide users through selecting the most suitable training for launching their new business online. By personally testing, comparing, and evaluating various online programs, the founders discovered Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula, which was a turning point for them. Impressed by the comprehensive nature of this training, they decided to investigate other programs taught by Jeff Walker.

Product Launch Class shares important information that potential users should know when choosing the right program to launch their business online. Through its tips, articles, and recommended choices, the platform supports users in avoiding scam offers, feeling secure in the process, and increasing their chances of financial success.

How to Use Product Launch Class?

To support users finding the right training to launch business online, Product Launch Class offers in-depth reviews, educational articles and list of recommended choices. Users are encouraged to make an informed financial decisions, and feel safe in the program selection process by getting access to comparisons, educational articles, tips and in-depth reviews.

Are The Data Provided By Product Launch Class Accurate?

Product Launch Class collects and re-evaluates all relevant program data on the first day of every month. This means that all of the information and evaluations are up to date. All data are sourced directly from the authors’ official websites.

What Is The Methodology Used by Product Launch Class?

Product Launch Class

ProductLaunchClass assess all the online programs offered by the Jeff Walker and weights their overall performance based on criteria that potential users should consider when selecting the optimal option. The criteria include costs, knowledge level, value, program length, structure and comprehensiveness.

Course / platform experience

Asset range



Value ratio

Safety and security

Community experience

Customer service

What Kind Of Services Does Product Launch Class Provides to Its Users?

Services provided by
Product Launch Class

The services provided by ProductLaunchClass to assist its users in making the best choice are listed below:

  • Unbiased reviews of programs offered by Jeff Walker.
  • Recommended lists of programs based on various criteria such as: costs, knowledge level, value, structure, program length and comprehensiveness.
  • Education section for beginners and advanced to help users make the right financial decisions.

Course Reviews

Detailed reviews of courses teaching the product launch techniques

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Marketing Platform / Tool Reviews

Detailed reviews of marketing platforms and tools available suitable for doing the product launches

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Comprehensive List of Best Choices

Selection of best courses, marketing platforms and tools suitable for product launches

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Education Section

Helps in user education to make more informed financial decisions

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How Does Product Launch Class Makes Money?

Core Values Of
Product Launch Class

Product Launch Class maintains complete transparency regarding its revenue generation process, as integrity is a fundamental aspect of its mission. Product Launch Class is free for everyone and was established to help users enhance their chances of achieving financial success. To sustain its business model, Product Launch Class may receive compensation from companies mentioned on its website for advertising its services and redirecting users to them.

What Ethical Guidelines Does Product Launch Class Follow?

Product Launch Class operates independently, ensuring its analysis, reviews, and recommendations are unbiased and impartial. In addition to the obvious ethical considerations, Product Launch Class refuses to compromise its impartiality when authors attempt to influence its ratings. While the business model necessitates redirecting users to its partners, Product Launch Class has enhanced its independence by diversifying its income sources.

When Was Product Launch Class Founded?

Founding Information of
Product Launch Class

ProductLaunchClass was founded in 2014 by Jernej “Jerry” Kriznar. Since its inception, the website has focused on providing reviews, comparisons, and evaluations of various online programs for launching and building businesses online, including the renowned Product Launch Formula.

Who is the owner of Product Launch Class?

The owner of Product Launch Class is Jernej Kriznar.

Who is Jernej “Jerry” Kriznar?

Jernej “Jerry” Kriznar (Dipl.-Jur) is a full-time internet marketer with extensive experience in the business niche, including SEO, PPC, email marketing, and affiliate marketing.

In the past, he has written detailed reviews about various business and internet marketing training programs. However, his discovery of Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula marked a turning point in his journey. Inspired by this unique framework, he created and launched his first product, which focused on teaching affiliate marketing and SEO. Subsequently, he utilized this framework when co-launching his wife’s dog training courses and when he was hired to launch a 5-Tier Coaching Program by Slovenian expert Aleksander Sinigoj.

The uniqueness of the PLF concept motivated Jernej to establish productlaunchclass.com, a website dedicated to providing comprehensive information about Jeff Walker’s training. The primary objective of this platform is to assist users in making informed decisions by offering unbiased reviews of the program.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Jernej through the Contact page or his Facebook page; he will be delighted to address them.

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